Brightest Light Productions

About Us

Dianne Pacl

Primary Scriptwriter
Co-Producer of Aaron’s Light

Human Services Consultant providing vocational services for autistic client/colleague Jarrod Law for 23 years. She provides clinical support and personal and professional life planning. During these years, Dianne has focused her energies and talents on the development and promotion of Jarrod as an artist, as well as the creation of businesses such as a greeting card company, an arts and crafts gift shop, a multi-cultural children’s museum, and a theatre arts project for people with disabilities. These businesses and assorted products were developed to highlight the talents of Jarrod Law and others with special needs. She has volunteered in the non-profit sector for many years lending her graphic design, marketing, public relations and event-planning experience for fund-raising conferences, events and festivals. She has provided graphic design and editing assistance on Michael Stern’s book, Yale’s Hidden Treasures. This book is the genesis of the Aaron’s Light which, like the other businesses, has a mission to change the way people perceive persons with disabilities. It is her belief that this film will also provide professional opportunities for those with special needs.

Valeri Leri

Primary Scriptwriter
Co-Producer of Aaron’s Light

Writer, award-winning artist and teacher. Valerie has been an artist for 30 years. Her move to Cape Cod in Massachuse s accelerated her professional growth and recognition as an artist and has provided many opportunities to showcase her talents. Her many endeavors with local shows, exhibits and festivals have led to her acclaim in the field of expressive arts. She was the sole creator and fundraiser for the Rising Tides Artworks Festival on Cape Cod. She has won many awards in prestigious shows and her work is published in several national artist magazines and online art galleries. She manage a high-end art gallery where her work was featured prominently. She has volunteered as an art teacher with seniors, children and adults with special needs as she knows that the arts have the power to heal and transform lives. She has worked as a freelance writer for a New England publication, The Women’s Journal. When approached by Jarrod, Michael and Dianne to participate in this film project, she enthusiastically agreed. She immediately recognized that this project was in perfect alignment with her values and life’s purpose and would utilize well all her interests and talents.

Jarrod Law

Creative Consultant on the Aaron’s Light

Jarrod has worked with Dianne in a vocational capacity for 23 years. His struggles throughout his life have been signicant and have often kept him on the periphery of society. In his early 20’s Jarrod discovered how the joy he experienced through the arts could also inspire others with disabilities. He thus made a commitment to work on projects that provide opportunities for people whose life contributions have largely been overlooked. Through his role as Director of Play With Grace Theatre Arts Project, Jarrod provides a unified community and has seen how the arts have the power to change lives. It is his fervent desire to bring awareness and harmony to the world. He believes Aaron's Light will change the world in ways we cannot begin to understand.

Kim Cooper

Co-Producer Brightest Light Productions

After receiving a BS degree in Marketing from Fairfield University, Kim continued her education obtaining a degree in Graphic Design from Denver Institute of Technology. For over 20 years she has been able to combine those two degrees in her role as a graphic designer, working in a variety of environments from in-house marketing/creative departments to branding agencies. Always wanting to learn new skills and gather new experiences, she taught herself video editing. That has brought some amazing opportunities including the chance to participate in the development of Aaron's Light. She is thrilled to have the opportunity to support the mission and artistry of this film.